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Octubre 2021

The van is perfect for the island. Thanks to Diego and Mar. me and my girlfriend had an amazing experience in Ibiza. The van has all the comfort you need (shower, kitchen, table, curtain, television, green energy, excellent motor that not cosume a lot of diesel, in 4 days we used like 50 € of diesel). Diego and Mar gave us all the tips to let us enjoying the island at the best. We woke up directly on the beach, sleeping there and hearing the sound of sea. We prepared the breckfast and the lunch on the beach, sharing people in the nature. It was our first experience with the camper, van and something like that but we had the best 5 days ever. Thank you Diego, thank you Mar, thank you Ibiza, thanks to all the people we meet during our trip. 
I charge some pics, of our coffe time, the van in to the wild, the view from the bed and the night view from our secret place that Mar and Diego told us!