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Agosto 2021

What a great trip!! We were travelling with la Clementina around west/south Portugal and we strongly recommend it!

Let's start by the hosts since they were amazing! Maria and Markus were helpfull, available for us and honest. They gave us many recommandations before with a very complete email, follow their advices you won't regret it. We had the first day a little mechanic issue with the van : Maria directly came on site and made some calls to find a mechanic even though it was lunch hour. She managed to find the piece make it change, in about 4 hours we were back on the road. She reimbursed us a full day because of this issue + she paid us a dinner. So nice from them! Also she was very sympathic and helped us on the way back to go to the airport + with the covid test. We were not expecting that much, thank you again Maria! 

About the van, la Clementina is an old lady full of charm! We loved to travel with her. The inside is very confortable and spacious, more than others van experiences we had. This old lady is not the fastest but it adds to your van trip an interesting dimension where you enjoy more the journey, driving slow and looking at the landscapes. The inside is very complete, everything is here to cook, shower and sleep. It's very well thought and we didn't miss anything.

Finally Maria was very honest with the deposit since we did a little scratch on the van. She took a very fair amount from the deposit to proceed to the repainting. You can trust that they will try to find a cheap option if you damage the van anyhow.

About portugal, maybe you are worrying about the new van regulation that forbid wild camping. We still had very nice moments and always found cool 'legal' places to sleep thanks to apps like Park4night. We would have prefer to sleep into the wild but it also worked well that way.

Thank you for everything! Até logo

Arnaud and Maria