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Septiembre 2020

We had a great time travelling with Clementina! The van provides all necessities for a nice trip in Portugal. Especially the small gadgets (e.g. own shower, beach umbrella) made the van life extrem comfortable and cosy. We loved the charme and flair of Clementina and can recommend this trip for everyone interested in seeing the landscape of portugal on the country roads. If you want to get very fast from one part of Portugal to another you have to keep in mind that Clementina is not the youngest van on earth.

During our trip we had no technical issues. The van is perfect in shape and fun to drive. A few meters on the road and you are used to Clementina.

The owners are very kind and friendly. They showed us everything at the beginning and in an additional document you’ll find all details explained. They gave us a lot of useful information for our trip and where we should go. They were available for our questions at all times and we had the feeling that they wanted us to have the best possible trip with Clementina.

Thank you Maria and Markus for this experience and the possibility to get to know the van life and Clementina!