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Agosto 2020

We wanted to try this experience with our son (4 year old), the first time for him. We tried in the past this exepience with a T2 and a Camper and we enjoyed (we like more an a "wild" experience so for us the T2 was better).

With Maria João e Markus everything was amazing!

Clementina (the van) was customized all by them and with very good taste. 
You can find in everything you need (spry, everything for the kitchen (Gas Kitchen with 3 fires) and to cook, salt, pepper, a big selection of tea, cups and more and more..., toilet paper...) and a surprise! Some table games to play all toghether!

There are water cans to have showers with no problem and there are an electric showerhead and another one you can put outside during the day to make it warm by the sun’s rays to have an hot shower too! Maria João e Markus give shower gel and shampoo, available in Clementina!

We finded everything! Clean towels, sheets and soft pillows! The bed it's very comfortable and we slept in 3 very well!

The van have another battery, with solar panel, very powerful when you can charge PC, tablet and phones without problem (we worked with 2 PC...) and there is avaible 4 power sockets!

There is lot of space (you have at your disposal a camping table and 3 chairs). One day was very windy and we ate inside (in 3) very comfortably, with the table inside the van.

Clementina it's very romantic too! Are lot of little lights to create a good atmosphere and it's perfect to have relax (Maria João e Markus also provide many books).


The van was prefectly clean! 
Our son spilled some water on the floor and we drying with a paper cloth and the cloth was perfectly white! 
Besides the van shone and everything, including towels, was super clean and scented!

Maria João e Markus are very nice and helpful for everything we need!

Was the best experience we had, the perfect dimensions (not so small like a T2 and not so big like a Camper...! And with all comfort!) and everything was really great!

We will come back with Clementina for another trip early!