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I love to travel simple style. My peferct holidays is all about being outdoors, surfing and not thinking about too much except about a hot coffee in the morning. I owned a Renault Kangoo before and learned how to travel by car. I sold it because I don't use it enough. So now, when I go on a holiday, I need to rent a van.

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Noviembre 2019
I am very happy to have chosen Bruno and Rita’s van. They were the best hosts :-) And the van is so much fun. It’s organised in a very smart way. It has everything you need. And it’s still small enough to easily manouvre it into any parking spot. The bed is big enough for tall Dutch guys like my boyfriend. The motor is strong, the gears work well, and needless to say that the van just has an awesome retro look. If I would buy a van, it would be this one. Thanks Bruno and Rita for renting out your van to me!!