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Octubre 2019

Excelente trato. Muy educados y limpieza absoluta. Así da gusto

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Septiembre 2019

The renter was very nice. He picked us up at a bus stop, showed us everything about the car and gave us many useful tips about what to see, where to go shopping etc. He spoke English perfectly.

The motor home was clean, fully equipped.  Water, gasoline and propane tanks were top full. Everything was clean and functional. 

We went for a three-day trip all around the island of Mallorca and the car took about 50 litres of diesel. But of course we visited many places and drove several hundreds of kilometres.

When renting, be aware of the dimensions of the car. It's pretty long and wide as well. But we made it even via tiny roads barely wide for the motor home and other drivers in opposite direction were still able to pass us at some places. I would recommend to view the road that your navigation might suggest before driving and consider taking longer way with wider roads. On the other hand there is no problem for six people to sleep comfortably.

Overall I absolutely recommend this renter and his car. We were very satisfied with everything.