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Septiembre 2019

Just returned from the trip on Momo.

The benefits of driving such kind of car are you can fit almost in all parking place for smaller cars. The car has all needed to 'survive' (to live in): a quiet comfort mattress, a table, gas, water. It is easy to fill up the water tank almost in all gasoline stations.

Unforgettable memories are guaranteed (meeting sunrises, cooking at the edge of the rocks with a great view and so on). The car is old but still easy to drive. The car has no A/C, but it was comforting to stay inside with opened windows. Be ready to live in the wild (Mallorca has got the only couple of camping places suitable for vans, the other places are into the forest/forgotten parking places and roads).

Tip: before driving around download the Park4Night application in your mobile phones.